Originally created 07/06/97

Amoco Polymers seeks to continue development

Metropolitan Augusta has a huge manufacturing base that provides thousands of jobs in the area. Today, The Augusta Chronicle begins a series offering information on various manufacturing companies in the area. The information was provided by the companies. Today, we take a snapshot of Amoco Polymers.

Company name in metro Augusta: Amoco Polymers

Name of plant manager or person in charge locally: Terri A. Harlan

Address of local operation(s): 3702 Clanton Road, Augusta, 30906

Phone and fax numbers: 790-3100; 771-3336

E-mail address and World Wide Web page address: http://www.amoco.com

Name, city and state of parent company: Amoco Corp., Chicago

Name of chief executive officer, president and chairman: H.L. Fuller, chairman and CEO; W.G. Lowrie, president

Number of employees and annual revenues (local, then worldwide): 205 employees, $85 million; 41,723 employees, $36 billion

Product(s) produced (which ones local): engineering plastic resins and compounds

Brand names (which ones local): Sulfone/Amodel/Xydar/ compounded products

Market(s) for products: electrical/electronic, automotive, aviation/aerospace

Functions of local operation(s) (such as complete manufacture, assembly, sales, design, shipping, administration): manufacturing

Stock symbol, exchange traded, recent closing price: AN, New York Stock Exchange, $89 as of 5-30-97

Annual meeting date, time and place: April 22, 1997, 9:30 a.m., The Art Institute of Chicago

Analysts that follow the company or industry, trade magazines, trade associations: Amoco is one of the 25 most-followed companies in the United States

Recent new products, innovations, markets, plant expansions or other developments: Improved grades of Amodel, which were recently introduced

Primary raw material(s) used: terephalic acid, isophalic acid, kaolin clay, sulfer trioxide, caustic, sulfuric acid, hydrogen peroxide, acetic anhydride, acetic acid

Most critical factor for future: continuing market development for products produced


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