Originally created 07/05/97

Resents bashing of SRS `builders'

I have waited since May 21 for someone to respond to the front page article about the layoffs at Savannah River Site. I really take offense at the insinuations made by Westinghouse spokesman Jack Herrmann, who said, "Now we're dealing with really good people - skilled, strong performers."

I ask Mr. Herrmann, just who does he think built SRS? It was people like my husband who came here when it was nothing but dirt. But then they didn't have to be skilled to know dirt when they saw it, did they?

It does take really good strong people to give up their homes and relocate so that the government could bring Du Pont in with skilled performers to build a plant that could come to the aid of the defense of the United States, if it had to.

Mr. Herrmann shot off his mouth about people he knows nothing about.

My husband retired after 42 years with SRS. He worked 38 of those years with Du Pont and another four with Westinghouse....

During the years my husband was employed he was a trainer and mentor and was responsible for helping many employees to become the "good people" they are today.

My husband and I worked hard to establish the Business Partnership Program with the Columbia County School System which is still in effect today.

Understand, Mr. Herrmann, that you lost 42 years of operating experience when my husband and people like him volunteered to leave in hopes it would save jobs for younger people with children to raise. Maybe one of those jobs was yours!

I am really tired of the bashing Westinghouse does to the Du Pont people at every chance...

Susanne L. Scott, Evans


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