Originally created 07/05/97

Protests renaming street after bishop

I protest the renaming of Mill Street to Bishop C.M. Madison Blvd., and I have very good reasons not to support the United House of Prayer's request.

To even consider renaming a street for an individual, one should make certain that he or she has made substantial contributions to the welfare of the people in a city, or in a country. The only modern person that I feel suits the criteria is the late Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. He represented all people, regardless of race or circumstance, and sought a better America. ... He deserved a street; a holiday.

What did Bishop "Daddy" Grace, the founder of the United House of Prayer, do for all people? Nothing. He journeyed from Philadelphia to Augusta at least once a year in September. He was treated as a god. A royal carpet was rolled out for him to walk on, as he stepped out of a luxurious limousine. He was pampered, fanned by young girls and treated with superior concern.

Money trees of $100 bills and all other means of receiving money were taken up for the bishop. He did not even baptize the converts. He sat high in seclusion and peered at the baptizing. He did address the congregation as all ministers do. Then, he left. I do not know of any contributions the bishop gave to the community....

What has Bishop Madison done? Nothing. ...

Al Ferguson, a representative of the United House of Prayer, has spoken of the contributions his church is making to the community now. If this is true, his church is just doing what other churches are doing. I, however, do not see what his church is doing for all people, other than for the members of his own church. There should be no renaming of streets because ministers are doing what they were called to do....

Ruth Reddy, Augusta


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