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With beer on tap, Players figure on not coming up dry

At the first Augusta Players benefit concert in June, attendance was a little light, so the recipe's been changed for the second show, to be staged at 2 p.m. Sunday.

The new ingredient is beer.

The first show was dry, but this time the suds will flow along with rock 'n' roll at the concert, featuring the Ultraviolets, Chapel Hill, N.C., band Doxy's Kitchen and Augusta's own People Who Must at the Jessye Norman Amphitheater, Ninth Street at the Riverwalk.

Advance tickets are $7, available at Home Folks and the Retro store on Broad Street. Admission is $10 at the gate.

$10 at the gate, but now you can get them for $7 in advance at Homefolks and the Retro store on Broad Street.}This is the second in a series of four concerts benefiting the Augusta Players, who are trying to raise money to build a permanent home.

People Who Must will headline. Coming on before them will be the Ultraviolets, a Columbia band that plays pop-style, accessible music that's likable on first listen.

The band pulled the strange feat of appearing on MTV a few weeks after it formed. MTV came to Columbia for a Hootie & The Blowfish Unplugged concert and also shot a program on the local music scene. The Ultraviolets, who had only played their first shows a few weeks before, found themselves being beamed into households across the country.

It was fun for the band to see itself on MTV, and seeing itself on television helped the Ultraviolets coalesce - we've been on MTV, I guess we're really a band - but other than that, the members didn't take it too seriously.

"We weren't on there on our own merit, just strictly by association," said Brent Lundy, lead singer and songwriter. "It made me laugh."

The Ultraviolets have something in common with Augusta veterans People Who Must. Each band has been playing opening dates lately for Mercury recording artists Cravin' Melon.

The Ultraviolets hooked up with Cravin' Melon through a mutual associate: Cravin's manager, Dick Hodgin, produced the Ultraviolets' five-song compact disc.

Like the MTV appearance, the recording came quickly - only a few weeks after the band formed.

The musicians knew each other from the Columbia scene and came from other bands, so the music coalesced quickly. Mr. Lundy was the lead singer and songwriter for God's Comics. Britt West and Jimmy Branham had been the rhythm section for an early version of Treadmill Trackstar, a band now signed to Hootie's record label. Guitarist Chip Booth and keyboardist Kim Biggs had been in Spoonful.

They all knew each other, and, having all been in bands before, knew they had hard work in front of them.

"We're all old pros, pretty much, who had been doing other bands for a long time," Mr. Lundy said. "We knew what was expected of us."

Show informationOn stage
What: Augusta Players benefit concert featuring Ultraviolets, People Who Must and Doxy's Kitchen.
When: 2 p.m. Sunday
Where: Jessye Norman Amphitheater, 10th and Riverwalk
How much: $7 in advance, $10 at gate. Available at Home Folks records stores and at Retro on Broad Street.

Sound bite

To hear the Ultraviolets, call INFOLINE at 442-4444 and press 8102. You'll hear part of the song Bottle Rockets from the CD The Ultraviolets.


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