Originally created 07/04/97

Charges officials violate constitution

The Augusta commissioners routinely violate the Georgia Constitution. Article I, Section II, Paragraph III, requires the three branches of government "shall forever remain separate and distinct." Yet the commissioners appointed State Sen. Charles Walker, D-Augusta, to the Industrial Development Authority.

In my opinion, Sen. Walker has to resign from one.

The constitution was violated when Rep. Ben Allen, D-Augusta, was hired as assistant county attorney. County attorney Jim Wall knew Rep. Allen was a state representative and a lawyer Ä yet hired him into the executive department. This made Rep. Allen a member of all three departments of government.

The proponents of consolidation have been quiet about the benefits. The ten districts were to be represented on all the boards, authorities and committees; but have they?

The commissioners have known the districts are racially gerrymandered but there has been no known effort to change. Will the commissioners make the required changes or will the courts? Using the courts could cost the county millions.

David L. Johnson, Augusta


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