Originally created 07/03/97

Questions blood center's complaints

I find it ironic that Judith Goodwin of Shepeard Community Blood Center is questioning the ethics of the American Red Cross for opening a donor center in Augusta.

The American Red Cross has been collecting donations from the Aiken area since 1953 and opened a permanent donor facility in June 1994. That facility accepts whole-blood donations and also accepts platelet donations Ä the majority of which go to cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy.

Shepeard is the proverbial "pot calling the kettle black." Less than two years ago, they were struggling to break into the Aiken market. Shepeard was successful and has been collecting donations, literally side-by-side with the American Red Cross ever since. I say this because Shepeard parks their blood mobile within a few hundred feet from the Aiken ARC donor center. If that's not infringing upon one's territory, I don't know what is.

I have been a dedicated donor at the American Red Cross for more than ten years and have donated at Shepeard Community Blood Center as well. I don't understand why Ms. Goodwin is protesting ARC's move to Augusta, when Shepeard essentially did the same thing in Aiken.

If there is room in Aiken for two donor centers, there definitely is enough room in the city of Augusta.

Alexis Tucker, Aiken


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