Originally created 06/19/97

Sees no change in Grovetown soon

Please allow me the opportunity to applaud your June 5 editorial. I do read the newspapers and have followed to some extent my trial by the media.

It must be noted most of the information came from the Grovetown Department of Public Safety, not the mayor, council (officially), city attorney, auditor, or me.

I appreciate your comment concerning the collection and deposit of fines. I worked 40 hours a week, but this office was open to the public 24 hours a day, seven days a week Ä an inmate could collect a fine and probably did; they had access to the cash register, unlocked during clean-up time. There is evidence many others did, as you so well stated.

Concerning the internal control, I've heard those words before, along with recommendations for a secured place to handle the collection of these fines. But ... there will never be any internal control or consideration given by this Council for any change in the way things are now.

As to loose money and the temptations it provides, there was never a problem with the procedures in place at City Hall (recommended by the auditor) for the collection and deposit of fine money until after it came under the direction of the chief and considered Public Safety Department money Ä not city money. ...

Now, regarding David Edmiston's June 11 letter. ... Yes, there are a "few" good men left (in the police department). I don't know why, because "many" good men gave gone on to better things.

When the final Georgia Bureau of Investigation report is in, and has been reviewed by others, we will all be in for a big surprise and some "hard-core" thinking used at the polls this year.

Virginia M. Pittman, Grovetown

(Editor's note: The writer is the former Grovetown Clerk of Court.)


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