Originally created 06/19/97

Opposes site for golf hall garden

What else is in the blueprints for the Georgia Golf Hall of Fame Museum that the "little people" don't know about?

On June 3, those present at Mildred's Lottery establishment were informed by the news that her site was needed to be part of a planned garden and greeting center.

Thirteenth and Reynolds Street is one of the busiest crossings in Augusta, with access to South Carolina via the Thirteenth Street bridge. Mildred's is located at the corner. This is a direct route for personnel, out-patients and ambulances going to and from the medical complex in Augusta. Many trucks and other businesses use this route as well. Can one imagine adding more traffic to a heavily traveled thoroughfare?

Do the officials and directors of the hall intend to re-direct the heavier essential traffic in favor of the museum for their purpose? A lotto establishment and the patrons would change the flavor of the golf museum. Constructing a "garden/reception place" at the downtown end of the golf hall is a minor and feasible alternative.

Mildred's generates a good deal of friends to the Georgia HOPE Scholarships. Her establishment is number one in Augusta and number two in sales in the state of Georgia. This establishment has "shown Georgia the money." Should a sure thing be given up for an unknown?

Mary M. Brown, Belvedere


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