`World Class'

Home-schooling win

Civic Center rebounds

`Aiken Works'

`Shutdown politics'

Opposes building downtown parking

Wants the grand jury to investigate

Aiken in running for another award

Back-yard ball

Norwood contributor may benefit from representative's measure

Local and area briefs

Judge orders TB patient to remain hospitalized

Parents protest school official's transfer

Builders choice

Video pokers owners file suit against South Carolina

Jury sees Hackett autopsy photos

Methodist youths volunteer for home repairs

County on way to fixing roads

New trial sought in Healthmaster case

Slain officers memorialized at police academy

Georgia to set up `fairness council' to review some welfare cases

Experimental drugs helping heart patients

Local and area briefs

Regents to vote on UGA president

Aiken County BOE upholds teacher dismissal

Suspect in rape was on parole

10 Lincoln property owners to split $4.62 million

Blauser honored, reluctant to be an all-star

Junior golfers coming out of the `Woods'

Braves rip away, step on Rockies

Norman in need of mental tune-up

Jackets gain split with Macon Braves SUBHEAD:

Lone American umpire quits Japanese baseball

Rivera powers Jackets to win

79 countries - a record - confirm entry for Nagano Games

Kramer: Expanded bowl system better than college playoffs

Commentary: Stop interleague play at all costs

Omni's closing breaking no hearts

Norman, family visit with Clinton

Tiger brings `Fluff' fame

Braves notes

Rain, Rockies overpower Braves

Exhibit encourages youthful immigrants

Senior calendar

Can this marriage be saved?

Yogurt pops a cool summer treat

Pack crispy chicken, cucumber dip for a picnic

Age old questions

IHOP chef specializes in cooking quick cuisine

Small portions

Retro Rave

Doctors doubt Depo-Provera reaction

Raising odd pets makes for unusual difficulties

Having fun


Popularity of cigars worries many

Xtreme style

Xtreme advice

Pact delay adds to EU currency uncertainty

Electronic information companies agree to limit personal data

Boston Chicken shares take a roasting

Boeing 737 a modest hit in corporate jet crowd

Ways and Means chair proposing largest tax cut since 1981

Insurance, consumers groups demand banking bill protections

Guidebook tells children ways to manage money

RCS selected fastest-growing by Entrepreneur

Broad Street Diner closes doors

Business briefs

Augusta.Net sells dial-up to MindSpring

Business briefs

Scientists seek peach with longer shelf life

New improvements in airbag saftey

Electronic information companies agree to limit personal data

Site critical of Bowers' past yanked

Companies working on regrowing human parts

Retailers still challenged to entice shoppers

Clinton proposes ban on human cloning

Chrysler plans ethanol-burning minivans

Kids internet surfing should have fun, be safe

Free web site lets you compare financial data

Radio astronomers find source of mysterious space energy eruptions

Morella: Industries ignore computer 2000 crisis

French court rejects lawsuit against English-only Georgia Tech page