Originally created 05/31/97

A surprise from Thompson

Sen. Fred Thompson, R-Tenn., is in charge of probing the Clinton campaign finance scandal - and the onetime Hollywood actor ("Walking Tall") happens to be the keynote speaker in Atlanta tonight for the annual Southeastern Legal Foundation banquet. (The SLF, for the uninitiated, is rapidly emerging as the South's conservative equivalent of the American Civil Liberties Union.)

Ironically, though, Thompson has been coming under fire in recent days from, of all people, leading conservative activists and publications.

The latest Human Events reports some on the Right rallying against what they perceive as a politically-motivated attack against them by someone they thought of as their own.

Thompson has subpoenaed high-profile conservative and GOP organizations (including the Dole for President Committee and the Republican National Committee). "Meanwhile," the paper grouses, "not one of Thompson's 73 subpoenas has gone to the White House, where the big question is whether the president compromised national security by pursuing foreign campaign cash. That apparently is not the pressing issue with Thompson."

It's hard to believe the Clinton-Chinese connection and related Democratic cash scandals are not "pressing issues" with the Tennessee Republican, who's eyeing a presidential bid. But we admit his "probe," so far, has kicked off in an unexpected direction.

Maybe the Southeastern Legal Foundation can secure further work by defending some of its conservative friends who've been subpoenaed by its 1997 banquet speaker!


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