Originally created 05/31/97

Wants equal technology in schools

It was my belief every child in the Richmond County School system received an "equal opportunity" education. Now I know this in not true. My children, sixth- and seventh-graders, attend Tubman Middle School. They do not have computers, not even one, in each classroom. Most middle schools, if not all, have at least one computer in each classroom. My children had more access to technology in the elementary grades.

The president of the United States wants every 12-year-old on the Internet. I just want my children to have access to the same technology that every other middle school child has in this county. It is great to build nice new schools for children, but let's not forget about those in existing buildings. You can't use the Internet without a computer. You can't have daily school broadcasts and TV productions without TVs in each classroom.

I volunteer at Tubman and I see the hard work going on to help children, including many who are disadvantaged. Enough has not been done to ensure that they have access to modern technology, which will become outdated, even as I write this letter. "Separate but equal" was outlawed in 1954, but was it really?

Faye Hall, Augusta


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