Originally created 05/30/97

Boca Raton league changes athletic cup rule

BOCA RATON, Fla. (AP) - Melissa Raglin has won. The 12-year-old catcher doesn't have to wear a cup.

Melissa became the talk of the nation last week when an umpire enforced a league rule barring anyone - male or female - from catching without wearing a cup, a hard piece of plastic designed to protect the testicles.

The league had insisted girls could get injured just like boys. Melissa scoffed at that, even taking the field with a cup tucked into her sock.

After a week in the outfield, though, she relented May 22 and agreed to wear a groin protector designed for girls so she could start catching again.

Before Thursday night's playoff game, however, the Babe Ruth Baseball League told Melissa she didn't have to wear the protector.

"I do feel like I won," Melissa told WSVN-TV in Miami before heading off to the ballpark. "The rule changed and I'm happy about that."

Messages left Thursday evening at the league's national headquarters in Trenton, N.J., and its local offices in Boca Raton were not immediately returned.


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