Originally created 05/30/97

Submits more ideas for parking

The suggestion for a parking deck at Eighth and Reynolds streets is a good idea. However, it is only a 300-plus parking deck. Given 100 spots approximately now there is only a net gain of, say, 250. Make it 500 and let it serve well into the future.

From Tenth Street to 13th Street there are many small businesses that could be consolidated (moved to another area of Reynolds Street, like a strip mall near 13th Street) to make for a more planned Riverwalk. There would be room created for one or two more parking decks in the future including, say, a theme park.

The businesses could be given tax breaks for working with the city, also the cooperating businesses could be given a part of the profits until equity is attained for moving or they could be condemned. The newly formed corridor for auto and supplies stores would have stricter codes for appearance and be a plus for that area. The more ordered, the less likelihood of crime.

Some buildings are just too old to use, I was told by an engineer contracted by the city. They could not be rehabilitated cost effectively because of asbestos, major structural problems and other problems.

These buildings need to be torn down or condemned and made into parking up and down Broad Street. There would be no long walks. The torn down stores' facades could be left up to keep the continuity of the street.

On the Broad Street side of Reynolds between Eighth and Ninth streets is a good area for demolition and use for parking or new business.

Michael J. Rhoden, North Augusta

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