Originally created 05/30/97

Clarifies reason for employee services

This letter is to clarify Mary Draughon's May 8 letter. Although I agree the Aiken Resource Center services provided to laid-off employees of the Savannah River Site are of great value, they are of no more value than services provided to other federal employees or subcontractors under similar circumstances. ...

If Ms. Draughon thinks Westinghouse or Bechtel has anything to do with these services she is very naive.

Westinghouse and Bechtel are there for the money as the business entities that they are. The lay-offs are based on the Department of Energy's authorized budget and salary increases management will provide themselves. WSRC and BSRI are only executors of DOE's requirements and as such, is making money.

If DOE did not require the Resource Center, WSRC and BSRI would not provide these services.

The appreciation and thank you should go to the taxpayers through DOE for allowing and requiring the Resource Center services to all SRS voluntary and involuntary separated workers.

E.C. Pettit, Martinez


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