Pray for TV 36 spot on cable

Disgusted with officials' behavior

Cleland's shocking vote

Wants pranksters held accountable

Wonders about military's veracity

Bashes editorial on teacher absences

How to improve `The Deal'

Doubts explanation of dog's death

River Race and mysteries

S.C. government to shrink?

Rowers try out for team

Ex-Klan member reforms

Three others say wife tried to hire them to kill Fort Gordon soldier

`Black Pearl' trying to shine

UGA school head sued over appointment

Fire fight

Lawsuit nears completion

City weighs annexation reimbursement

Board: Study did not abuse patients

Senators assertive on scandal

School security officers accused of strip-searching students

Three others say wife tried to hire them to kill Fort Gordon soldier

Columbia County school chief gives system A- on test scores

Regulators stall HMO for review

Daughter pleads guilty in mother's death

Women discuss Citadel

Local and regional news briefs

Savannah split on concept of `Midnight' book, movie

Memorial Day or Veterans Day?

Rookie school champs

Memorial Day brings memories for POWs

Local and regional area briefs

Cost of leisure going up in Columbia County

School helps beat learning disabilities

Buffalo soliders part of Army's heritage

Memorial Day closings

State diverts road money on programs

Memorial Day event an escape to past

`New challenges': Thurmond sets Senate record

Excavator destroys privy foundation

Klesko powers Braves

French Open is wide-open affair

Greenbrier overpowering

Smith rises to the occasion for Wolfpack

Midland Valley's champions rank No. 1 for coach Zuehlke

Timing can't be better for Braves in LA

Even after a 62, Ogrin is being stalked by Tiger

Indy speedway keeps changing

Gordon is one of favorites in Charlotte

Martin focus of attention at Coca-Cola 600

Despite 'stars' and 'cars' Indy 500 motors on

Woods has 65, but trails by 3 shots at Colonial

Indy 500 has lost some of its buzz

It wasn't time to think party, the Pack learns

Ramirez slows down Braves

O'Connor's five-hitter shuts down Savannah

Mayolo ran ran before cycling

Hawks battle, tie Greenbrier

Charlotte notebook: Irvan and Yates Racing may part ways

Boxing academy sends six boxers to regional bouts

Old-timer Johnson pumps life into Rockets

Joe Nemechek wins race for late brother

Marv Albert draws a hug, pats on back, some hecklers

One game left for Bulls

Band's 25th anniversary tour carries ring of Truth

Esther Williams still buoyed by her daily swims

Pacifism a key element of Quaker faith

Easter Island no longer dead as a statue

God's love gives to others

These diamonds aren't in the cards

Blessed the peacemakers

Historical mysteries: Miraculous healings attributed to Mary

Heavy reading

In the swim

Boyhood changes quickly in `Lightning Song'

Country stars come home with faith

Second weddings have different rules

IRA pays dividend after 591/2

Business briefs: Interest news puts NASDAQ at record

BellSouth notifying 20,000 customers of possible billing mistakes

On the move: business professionals in transition

Employers pass risk with 401(k)

Name changes not uncommon

Business calendar: Bookkeeping for small business course to be offered

Business briefs: WJBF-TV wins President's award

Freebies fly as older apartments work to keep residents

Americans turn a corner, see a rosier future

Internet a hot spot for homes

Among Internet publishers, SportsLine bucks the trend with wild success

DVD-ROM holds promise, but snags persist

Home improvements await astronaut

DVD-ROM holds promise, but snags persist

Meet CyberMom, the electronic nag

Astronaut welcomed back from rough Mir mission with flowers

Lexmark leads with affordable high-resolution color

Fort Gordon video works to stop hackers

Online medical information could be lifesaving tips or twaddle

What's hot on the World Wide Web: A mad dash through museums of the weird