Originally created 04/28/97

Muses about harlots, homosexuality

More ado about something:

  • Re recent arguments used by some of the Timothy McVeigh trial potential jurors: They say that they are against the death penalty because of Jesus' statement in John 8:7 - "He that is without sin among you, let him cast the first stone." It should be obvious that Jesus chose a non-lethal case of an adulterous woman (AIDS was not an issue then) which was no doubt wrong, but Jesus' insight probably knew her accusers had at times been a "customer." Surely He was not demanding that they take time to remember if they had ever made a mistake! From my studies, I can find no occasion where the Genesis 9:5-6 law of human government has ever been replaced with something else. See Romans 13:1-4, where the office, but not always the office-holder, was still binding.
  • Re Timothy Fellows Jr. on rearing children by the Bible: I wholeheartedly agree. Properly understood, there is no conflict between Ephesians 6:1-2 and Proverbs 22:15. When the heads of government take away the respect and authority that belongs to the head of the household, for every abused child that is thankfully saved from an overbearing parent, more than one juvenile is emboldened to commit "parent abuse" by demanding "their rights" and defying every level of authority until somebody finally takes control.
  • Re April 14 letter by Leon Johnson concerning homosexuals: No one says that homosexuals have no talent; our argument is against their lifestyle, not their talents. The famous people mentioned were not promoting or boasting, therefore obviously not wanting to reveal or be questioned about their secret deviations. A TV show promoting the so-called "gay" lifestyle has no place in our society. I agree, "Ellen" should be canned. And "gay marriages"? That's enough to make any normal person regurgitate. ...
  • J.F. Rodgers, Augusta


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