Originally created 04/28/97

Slams K-Mart for dropping golfer

Re K-Mart's termination of Fuzzy Zoeller as its spokesman:

I remember last fall when Rosie O'Donnell, also a K-Mart spokesperson, made the remark "Dole sucks" on national television. I found those remarks to be inappropriate, offensive and mean spirited. At that time, K-Mart defended her First Amendment freedom of speech. Why does it mow feel the First Amendment should only apply to the speech of liberals?

I made the decision, after the O'Donnell incident, to avoid K-Mart in favor of Wal-Mart or Sears. While attending the Masters golf tournament I noted Mr. Zoeller carrying a K-Mart golf bag. Being a fan of PGA golf in general and of Mr. Zoeller in particular, I had thoughts of going back to K-Mart. After hearing about the termination of his contract, I am more determined not only to avoid K-Mart myself but to encourage my friends to do the same.

Most of the time the double standard of the media favoring the Left gives me no choice but to shake my head in disgust.

The next time K-Mart's board of directors are sitting around the table scratching their heads wondering why profits are down, they should think of this letter.

Dale R. Gardineer, M.D., Edgefield


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