Originally created 04/27/97

Wants to have beepers for teachers

As a teacher in the Richmond County system, I would like to comment on the April 22 editorial about the banning of beepers and cell phones.

The Board's recent announcement that "teachers and students will be suspended for carrying beepers and cell phones" was quite a slap in the face for teachers. Your editorial, stating "to make the new policy uniformly fair, the Board even included teachers and other school employees," only adds to the dismay.

In an era where educators must try desperately to teach children to respect adults, the community wants to lump teachers and children into the same peer group. Stating that teachers and students will be punished in the same way only sends a message to students that we are their peers and must adhere to the same guidelines which students observe. What a dangerous precedent.

If school employees must obey student rules, are we next planning on stripping our school safety officers of their guns and handcuffs? Will we tell our principals they may no longer use walkie-talkies because students are not allowed to use them? Such notions seem ridiculous when applied to adult professionals. We trust them with our children and expect them to use good judgment. Let us offer the same courtesy to our teachers.

Laurie Easterlin, Augusta


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