Originally created 04/02/97

Find a few hidden software eggs

In the computing world, Easter eggs aren't a dye-job exercise in food redecoration. They're hidden features, secret messages, and inside jokes embedded in programs by their creators.

A pointless waste of time, you say? Maybe - but admit it, you want to know how to cheat at that annoying little Minesweeper game in Windows. And this page will tell you exactly how.

You can find out how to watch a squad of Imperial Stormtroopers dance a conga line in the "Star Wars" game Rebel Assault II, get an animation of an alien to delete text with his ray gun in the desktop-publishing program Quark XPress, and visit a "Hall of Tortured Souls" in Microsoft Excel.

The variety of eggs revealed here is almost dismaying - with this many hidden features in software, it's no wonder everything runs so slow and takes up so much disk space.


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