Originally created 04/02/97

Opposes bias against whites, males

This concerns the March 28 article entitled, "Condon targets set-asides." It is about time that our (South Carolina) attorney general said officially that such "set-asides" are illegal. Now, if only our governor would move to rid our state of the continued discrimination based on race and sex.

The lone response in the article was as follows: "...(Charles) Condon ignores the legacy of racism and discrimination that spurred the creation of the set-asides in the first place." To say the very least, this argument is flawed.

The problem is that people are being targeted, by law, to be discriminated against on a basis of race and sex as a punishment for past discrimination.

There can be no assumption that the persons affected by set-asides are personally responsible for discrimination because they are white or because they are male. There can be no assumption that persons have been discriminated against because they are black or a female. No group, no matter what "emotional reasoning" is used, can claim a trademark on discrimination.

The fact is we all endure many forms of discrimination Ä from characteristics such as race, sex, religion, age, weight, hair color, height, and beauty. ...

Parents who ask their daughters and sons to stay away from high school smokers with the torn jean jackets and long hair actually discriminate. Both men and women (often) discriminate with the use of natural selection to pick those they are willing to date. We all have "first impressions" of people that are sometimes dependent on sight. And the laws that allow "set-asides" basically assume and judge white male to have civil and criminal responsibility for societal discrimination.

... We are all innocent until proven guilty. It is about time that whites (just because they are white) and males (just because they are males) are not held responsible for historical discrimination against blacks or females in general....

Will Tinney, Aiken


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