Originally created 04/02/97

Air views on Clintons, Beasley

On a recent Sunday morning we watched a little bit of the "Today" show. We can't believe that our socialist media is still staunchly defending and making excuses for President "Billy Bumble" Clinton and Hillary "The Bag Lady" Clinton. There is much more proof of much more serious crimes against this crowd than there ever was against Richard Nixon. These same media people rode him out of Washington on a rail.

We agree with Don Touchton (letter, March 11) about Alabama Gov. Fob James. But on behalf of South Carolina, we must decline to have our governor stand up for the Constitution. You see, Gov. David "Weasley" Beasley is "politically correct" and running for "Billy Bumble's" job.

Lastly, as smokers, we find no problem with not smoking in restaurants. But we feel Augusta and Richmond County lawmakers should be fair to those of us who are allergic to most fragrances and ban perfume, cologne and after-shave from public places. There is nothing worse than trying to eat a good meal with itchy, watery eyes and a runny nose because someone nearby is wearing too much fragrance.

Stan and Sheryl Flowers, Beech Island


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