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Poet shows insight into life in works

Will Sansbury likes to spend free time with the dictionary.

Finding new words is a favorite pastime, whether it's by getting a word a day by e-mail, hearing a word used by a teacher or reading it in a book.

Right now, his favorite is synedoche, which is a figure of speech in which a part stands for a whole.

"It's so versatile," said Will, a senior at John S. Davidson Fine Arts Magnet School.

His passion for words and writing was sparked in the seventh grade, when teacher Kim Willig encouraged his class to learn new words. Will's ultimate goal is to publish a novel or collection of poetry. His favorite type of writing is personal prose.

"It's a chance to express myself," he said. "I can say things on pen and paper that would never come out of my mouth."

In one essay, he wrote an apology to a former classmate. The writing stemmed from an experience in elementary school, when his friends made a racist comment to a black student.

Another favorite piece is a poem he recently wrote to a Davidson teacher, thanking her for teaching him to think for himself.

Will is very descriptive in his writing. He's also critical of his pieces and revises them a number of times.

Although writing is time-consuming and can be emotionally straining, he enjoys it.

He also always tries to enjoy school.

"Some people get too lost in schoolwork," he said. "They don't remember that you have to be a living being, too."


Name: Will Sansbury.

  • School: Senior, John S. Davidson Fine Arts Magnet School.
  • Family: Parents, Donald and Margaret Sansbury and one brother, Jason Sansbury, 22.
  • Activities: Literary Society and choir at St. John United Methodist Church.
  • Favorite book: Ralph Ellison's The Invisible Man.
  • Last movie he saw: Trainspotting.
  • Favorite poets: Walt Whitman, Sara Teasdale and Sandra Cisneros.
  • Self-portrait: Creative, funny, self-critical and moody.
  • Plans: Attend Berry College in Rome, Ga.

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