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Brothers influenced career

This week, Net Chat features comedian/actor Marlon Wayans, who stars with Kadeem Hardison in the movie The Sixth Man. He and his brother Shawn star in the WB network show The Wayans Brothers, which airs locally at 9:30 p.m. Wednesday on WBEK-TV (Channel 67). He got his start on television with his siblings on In Living Color.

Mr. Wayans recently answered questions from fans on America Online:

Q: On In Living Color, what were your favorite characters?

A: Snuff'n and the Ugly Man.

Q: What was it like working with Kadeem Hardison? How old are you, and when did you get started in the business? Did you get started because of your other family members?

A: Working with Kadeem was great. He was an idol of mine, that is Dewayne Wayne (his character on A Different World), so I was real excited. I am 24 years old. Professionally, I got started when I was 17, but (I have been) in school plays since second grade, and I was performing in high school and went to film school at Howard University. My brothers definitely influenced me that I could not only dream about being an actor, but I could make it a reality.

Q: Where do you get your material?

A: My head. My life experience. Usually pain is the best comedy. You find the most comedy in the most tragic situations.

Q: Do you feel like you have to meet a certain level with your career because your family is so successful?

A: No. We never compete. I have faith in myself, and I think that what will happen will, and what doesn't wasn't supposed to.

Q: Being the youngest of 10 kids, how did you get bathroom time?

A: I washed like a cat. I went to the bathroom on myself. I was the baby, so I was forgiven for going on myself.

Q: You look good in your picture, how do you stay in shape?

A: Acting crazy. You would be surprised at how cute you can get by throwing yourself around and being a fool.

Q: How long are you planning to do The Wayans Brothers?

A: I will raise my grandchildren on there as long as they "show me the money."

Q: You are such a funny guy. Were you like that as a kid?

A: I was the class clown. I was constantly thrown out of class, but now I am making money doing what I was doing. See, I had a plan all along.


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