Originally created 04/01/97

Club members keep high standards

"As a debutante, I will be a phantom of delight, who walks with beauty like the night."

This is the motto of the debutantes in the Rosa T. Beard Debutante Club. We as an organization promote community service and sisterhood, which goes along with our theme this year, "Sisters in Harmony."

As a young girl, I remember my sister being presented into society in the 1988 cotillion, which was the 25th anniversary of the club. Seeing how beautiful the young ladies looked in their pink and white gowns sparked my interest in becoming a part of the club when I became a junior in high school.

However, the club is not just about a cotillion to showcase young ladies. A great deal of preparation goes on before we are presented to society.

I became a sub-debutante in my junior year, participating in the activities of the club. As a senior, I continue to participate in the monthly meetings, which enhanced my knowledge in subjects ranging from etiquette to college life. We also attend church services together and perform a number of services in the community. Presently, we are preparing for our annual cotillion to be held on April 19 at the Bell Auditorium.

My experience in the club has been enlightening because it has given me a chance to discipline myself while also having fun and meeting people.

I feel that it is an honor and a privilege to be part of such an organization whose standards are so high. A debutante must portray ladylike qualities at all times. For example, she shouldn't use obscene language, dress in a manner that brings disrespect upon herself or the organization and most importantly should not become a mother.

I am very grateful to Rosa T. Beard, the founder of the club, and the other advisers in the Augusta Adult Society Inc. for sponsoring an organization which molds young girls into young ladies. It has given me a motivation to "Live Lovely for Excellence."

Kimberly Gardner, a senior at Glenn Hills High School, is a member of Xtreme's Teen Board.


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