Originally created 04/01/97

Tells of `seeing it all' with alcohol

I've heard and read so much about cigarettes until it makes me sick and angry. Let's talk about alcohol. It is killing people as much or more than cigarettes.

I was married to a social drinker for 10 years then he became a full-blown alcoholic. Five years later, my husband decided to kill me. I had a mop in my hand when he pulled the trigger, pellets flying in every direction. My five-year-old son ran in the house and received pellets in both legs. He hit the floor with blood pooling all around him.

The doctors gave me no hope of surviving from being shot in the belly. I lost six units of blood. I didn't have a blood pressure or pulse, plus all my veins collapsed. The doctors did a cut-down to get the blood into my system. I left this world for seven days, and people talk about cigarettes? ...

My dad walked in the room while I was getting the blood. He stated, "James killed himself."...

Alcohol kills as much as cigarettes, but that's OK. Every party you attend there is alcohol. It destroys the liver, lungs, pancreas and other organs. Why don't they do something about alcohol?

I'm a registered nurse of 32 years and I've seen it all.

Margaret Williams, Martinez


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