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Editor, The Chronicle:

I was disgusted after reading the March 9 article about the GBI Lincolnton shoot-out! I couldn't believe such a lengthy article was written to glorify a criminal.

Wayne Miller had a death wish and he tried to take as many with him as he could. Why would The Chronicle write about what a "nice" guy he was, and so well liked by his neighbors?

Mr. Miller was a criminal, selling pot to our kids on our streets. He chose to die, and he chose to shoot at police.

He wounded three of America's finest; three who try to keep our streets, homes and children safe. These are people who put their lives on the line every day.

I know because my husband works in law enforcement in Georgia. I know what they deal with each and every day. All The Chronicle had to say about these three fine people were their names and that they were treated and released.

Why not glorify our men and women in blue? What about a lengthy story about how much they do, if their neighbors like them and so on? How about the wonderful pay they get? I have no idea what GBI agents make, but my husband and father of three who could one day take a bullet in his effort to fight crime makes a whopping $22,000 a year. Of course, he doesn't do it for the money, he does his job for the satisfaction - as do 99 percent of our police.

I'm sick of criminals getting all the glory. Give our police some praise and much earned respect!

M.C. Smolen, Martinez


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