Originally created 03/31/97

Decries bias against home-schoolers

Editor, The Chronicle:

It never ceases to amaze me when a state legislator publicly flaunts his bias against home schooling.

I'm referring to the March 24 article "Home schoolers can't get HOPE," in which Georgia Rep. David Lucas, D-Macon, defends the state's position that home schoolers should be ineligible to receive HOPE scholarships.

Rep. Lucas contends that a home-schooled student's grade point average cannot be trusted. However, the student in question scored 1270 on the Scholastic Assessment Test! It is obvious that Rep. Lucas is more interested in furthering the public school monopoly than awarding scholarships to Georgia's best and brightest students.

In reality, grade point averages - including those from public high schools - are very subjective measures of student ability. They can vary greatly depending on the courses taken in high school and the schools from which the grades are given.

On the other hand, SAT scores, while far from being perfect assessments of student ability and potential, are objective and unbiased and should be used as the sole criteria, at least academically, for determining HOPE scholarship eligibility.

Home schoolers have dealt with this type of discrimination for years, but have clearly achieved academic excellence in spite of it.

Laura Temple, Aiken


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