Originally created 03/31/97

Raps writer; hits Ga. COW bill

Editor, The Chronicle:

Sadly, Lois Marble's letter (March 26) reflects her statement "it doesn't take much thought" to follow the mantra of environmental extremists. The one-world globalists, the United Nations, the Clinton Administration and the National Education Association force-feed the public with "disingenuous" cries of "wolf!" when there is ample proof their "wolf" is fabricated.

Ms. Marble faults Rep. Charlie Norwood's, R-Ga., vote against funding international "family planning" - claiming a connection between it and overpopulation and women's rights. Indeed, the connection is the export of condoms and abortion around the world at U.S. taxpayer expense.

She mentioned clean air, water, etc. The U.S.-led United Nations Conference on Women in Beijing blackmailed smaller nations: no U.S. money for these projects unless you abort your babies.

Now, under President Clinton's mandate, the Georgia Commission on Women strives to implement this Conference's resolutions. They include, among other shameful determinations, encouragement to assimilate homosexuality into every aspect of our society as natural behavior, creating new "genders" of homosexuals, lesbians, bisexuals and transsexuals and mandating that women hold half of all government and business leadership posts. ...

Ask your local state House representatives how they voted on House Bill 761, (which is) taxpayer funding for the COW's implementation of these goals in Georgia.

We're thankful for leaders like Rep. Norwood, who stood tall with his vote. They are "more savvy" than the falsely-led who wail when a tree is "murdered," yet fight tooth and nail to preserve partial birth abortions.

Jane S. Dennis, Augusta

(Editor's note: The writer is chairman of the CSRA Family Network.)


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