Originally created 03/15/97

Wants `yes' tax vote for schools

Editor, The Chronicle:

On March 18 registered voters in Columbia and Richmond counties will decide the fate of a special purpose local option educational sales tax.

The boards of education in both counties have asked voters to approve a special 1-cent sales tax to produce revenue which will be used solely to renovate existing facilities, add classrooms and schools and reduce bond indebtedness.

Rapid growth coupled with aging public school facilities mandates the need for additional classrooms for our children.

The question is, "How will we fund capital improvement projects for the public school systems in both counties?"

At present, our only local sources of funding for building and renovation projects for our schools is through ad valorem taxes and special bond issues paid by local property owners. For the first time, we have an opportunity to reduce the tax burden for property owners and share the responsibility for taxation more equitably through the levy of a special educational sales tax. It will be paid by everyone who shops or travels in Columbia and Richmond Counties.

Local election officials are predicting a 10-20 percent voter turnout to decide this critical issue. Let's prove them wrong! Our children need the support and vote of every registered voter. ...

Sonny Pittman



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