Originally created 03/15/97

Criticizes `too many' bad drivers

Editor, The Chronicle:

Our local roadways are becoming more dangerous every day. There are entirely too many licensed drivers across the Central Savannah River Area who are observed breaking our basic traffic laws. These laws were written for our safety and protection, and are not to be broken.

Drivers breaking these laws either harbor a lack of respect for the law, or they are failing to pay attention to their actions. Those kinds of attitudes and actions can cause death to another.

The 2,000-pound bullet we drive daily will do more damage to a human body than a single round from my service weapon could ever do. Therefore driving at the posted speed limits (and with both hands on the wheel) presents us with a major safety margin - in case of an emergency, especially in areas like downtown Augusta. Parking lights are not the vehicle's driving lights. The headlights are its driving lights. Use them! Driving in rain, sleet, fog, at least 30 minutes before dusk, up to 30 minutes after dawn and at night without the headlights turned on is against the law!

When we are driving along the roadway each evening and observe the streetlights beginning to come on, it is time to turn on our vehicle headlights. Each streetlight has an automated censor that turns it on once it's dark enough to activate. Remember, too, that the streetlight and censor are well above our heads on a light pole, which means that sunlight can still be shining on the censor after we have seen the sun's initial disappearance behind the horizon.

Drivers are observed running stop signs or lights, following or stopping too close behind others, and failing to check blind spots prior to lane changes. Driving mistakes are hazardous, costly, and can kill.

Billy W. French



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