Originally created 03/14/97

Hits anti-South, anti-gun views

I am a licensed female gun owner who also flies a Confederate flag. People who put the blame on guns and the South for everything that happens in this country need to get a life. No matter how severe the government makes gun laws, that is not going to stop crime.

If a criminal wants a gun bad enough to rob or kill someone today, do you think the criminal is going to go to a pawn shop and wait on a background check before they can walk out of the store with the gun in their possession? Criminals want guns that aren't going to be traced to them.

It is my right to have a gun for my protection and to protect my property. I don't use my gun to rob or kill other people. But if someone were to break into my house and try to attack or kill me, I wouldn't hesitate to pull my gun and try to stop them.

If the federal government enforced nationwide gun laws (instead of state governments), would these people still blame the South for guns and crime? Yes, they still would.

Julie Hayden, Augusta

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