Don't link license, truancy

Fund Science Center

Thinks Oliver has show his stripes

Vouches for value of fingerprint I.D.

Hopes to save Georgia affirmative action

The people's plan

Counters disdain for teachers' status

Supports fingerprinting of drivers

Absolves MCG of blame in scandal

Cut food stamp loophole

Favors higher teacher salaries

TVA's surprise critic

Hearings scheduled in environmental lawsuit against ASU

Borison free on bond

Singer teaches with snakes

Against the wall

Lottery players have two big bonanzas this weekend

Health measure passes

Driver's licenses might get renumbered

State heeds fishermen in stocking trout

Citadel hears from cadets on harassment

Caught off guard

Father, daughter see each other after 51 years

Rolling on the water

U.S. Defense Secretary won't drop coed basic training

Alcohol and legislation often mix

The heart of the matter

Singer teaches with snakes

House considers insurance reform

Book lovers

Price for state posts rises again

Legislators seek data on EPA rules

Company sues store manager who set fire

Plan would put bite in animal control law

Judge dismisses charges against ex-legislators

Local and regional briefs

Georgia lawmakers move to legalize ticket scalping

Georgia's lawyer lawmakers get to set the rules of their own game

Abortion bill heats battle in Assembly

Local and regional briefs

Lawmakers' goof cuts automatic pay hikes 030297 - The Augusta Chronicle

Thoroughbreds make playoffs

Barefield, Bulldogs overpower Cougars

College Roundup: Lady Vols run to win over South Carolina

Harvey works a pitch at a time

Emotional finale due for LSU coach Brown

Surprising Dogs stop Vols, tie school mark

Paine's great run comes to an end

South Carolina goes for outright title in SEC

Faldo trails Pooley by 1 in Nissan Open

Taggar eliminated in Spring Fling

Clemson spoils it for Tech

Braves continue free-spending ways

Richmond routs Monroe handily; Hephzibah wins

Mutombo key in Hawks' win

Clemson spoils it for Tech

Braves Notebook: pitchers and catchers

Season at end for duo

Hockey fever takes hold in the Peach State

Church bulletin

Young author has really become `Little Miss Literary'

Season of sacrifice

Season of sacrifice

Chamber trio prefers to stick with the classics

Ask Carson: Addresses are needed on register

Nothing's lost in translation

Verdi's `Pretty Woman'

Exhibit recalls translator's legacy

Oscars - Hollywood's Super Bowl

Cloning of animal raises concerns

In gears past

Bermuda Triangle continues to mystify

You deserve a break today, but the question is how much?

Paine offers tax help at three area locations

On the Move: Bits about the people in Augusta's business community

Demise of manual transmission looms

Business news and notes

Woodworker makes most of cigar craze

Business briefs: Globalnet completes local takeover

States push electronic tax filing

First Union seeks image that sets it apart

Couples find love, work can coexist

Speaking skills get emphasis

Aiken Internet provider accuses BellSouth of poor service

Goodrich chairman comfortable with company's transformation

Carding law gets mixed response from smokers and sellers

Realtors honor Morris, Hogan

Airline ticket taxes: Fares probably going higher

Computers will be personable, Gates says

Company files suit against controller of Internet names

The computer that phones home becomes a reality

PointCast pushes the Web forward

Microsoft Network cancels online shows

African-American entrepreneurs starting ISPs in Florida

How to keep up with everything that's cool

Internet tale of kidney theft seen as `urban myth run amok'