Originally created 03/01/97

Vouches for value of fingerprint I.D.

Re the Feb. 20 article, "Fingerprint law gets stamp of support":

People may not realize it , but this law can protect innocent people as well as help banks and other businesses to identify law-abiding citizens. Seven years ago I was arrested for a crime I didn't commit. Two years previously, a parolee stole my pocketbook and proceeded to use my driver's license as identification. While committing a crime she was apprehended and taken to jail.

She used my driver's license to get out on bond, signing my name. When she didn't appear in court to answer the charges, a bench warrant was taken out and I was arrested.

A picture on your driver's license doesn't always protect you because hair and eye color can be changed and weight can be lost and gained, but nothing can change your fingerprints. You could be protected from spending a nightmare in jail as I was if a driver's license had fingerprints.

Please support this bill if you want better protection of your finances and other business transactions that may require I.D.

Sheila L. Jackson, Augusta


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