Originally created 02/28/97

Savor the sunshine; showers on the way

Priscilla Hunsinger and Glenn Rivers, employees at the Five Star Deli in Martinez, took a break at a picnic table outside the eatery, enjoying the sunny, spring-like weather Thursday.

"I like it when it's nice like this," said Ms. Hunsinger.

"It's really a surprise for it to be so warm," added Mr. Rivers.

In fact, it was so warm that Thursday's high of 82 degrees tied the record for that date set in 1962, according to the National Weather Service in Columbia.

But don't break out the suntan lotion just yet. Instead, umbrellas will be the accessory of choice this weekend as showers are expected through Sunday morning.

Friday will be mostly cloudy with highs in the mid to upper 70's and a 50 percent chance of showers. Rain also is likely Saturday, with high's in the lower 80's, according to Dick Matthews, a meteorologist with National Weather service in Columbia S.C.

Sunday morning will be cloudy but clearing by afternoon, with high's in the mid 70's. Low's through the weekend will be in mid 50's to lower 60's, Mr. Matthews said.

Thursday capped a month of unseasonably warm weather.

"We've been moderately above normal (for February)," said Al Moore with Weather Service. January's daily temperatures were 3.4 degrees above average, according to Mr. Moore.

"We're going to be even more than above the normal than 3.4 (degrees) for February," he predicted.


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