Originally created 02/28/97

Bemoans divisions over flag, race

I'm answering two letters regarding the Rebel flag.

I don't believe people can be so cruel about a flag. The flag does not symbolize racism; it's people who symbolize racism. If they take that flag down then they should take them all down - like the "red, white and blue."

Removing the flag is not going to remove racism; people have to want to change in order for the racism to stop.

Racism is not a problem when people join together to help a needy person or to help a neighbor whose house may be on fire.

Think about the people who fought in the Civil War, and all the other wars. People didn't think of color then, and I'm sure there were blacks and whites fighting together and not against each other. So why should we keep fighting against each other? It won't get us to heaven. Do you think color will matter then? ...

Melody Bezonia, Augusta

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