Originally created 02/26/97

Offers thoughts on religion, welfare

Much ado about something:

- Tony S. Carr Sr. (letter, Feb. 19) brought out some good points about two "Abrahams" - the one in the Bible and Abraham Lincoln. Pardon me for mentioning it, but Lot was not Abraham's brother, but his nephew - the son of Abraham's brother whose name is not mentioned. Genesis 12:5 states this, and in Genesis 13:8, Abraham referred to Lot as his "brethren," or better translated, his "relative."

- From the growing controversy over what constitutes "Godly worship," one would assume that all forms of "worship" were equally pleasing to God. In Acts 17:16-23 Paul distinguished between the worship of "gods" vs. the knowledge and worship of the one and only God worthy of worship, the Creator and owner of all things. Yet, Paul is careful to call the idol-worshippers "offsprings," rather than sons of God, which comes as a result of a Father-Son relationship through the death, burial and resurrection of God's only begotten Son, Jesus Christ.

... Worshiping the Creator and owner of creation in other languages besides English is indeed great. However, to worship other "gods" besides the Creator and depend upon another "savior" besides Christ Jesus - and assume that it is as good as any other religion - is to be deceived.±...

- The Feb. 19 guest column by Peter J. Pitts Sr., concerning giving many "borderline" people $1,000 per month, no questions asked, is not the answer to end welfare. It is called socialism, pure and simple.

Rev. J.F. Rodgers, Augusta


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