Originally created 02/26/97

Disagrees on belief in `fairness'

Re Joseph Fausnight's Feb. 6 "Disputes psychologist on `fairness"':

Life is not fair! Mr. Fausnight states that it is our job to see that "all men are treated equally and given equal opportunities." First of all, he is politically incorrect. He should have written "all men and women," or at least "persons"! Also, if everything is supposed to be fair, how come Michael Jordan can slam-dunk from the foul line and I can't even slam-dunk off a trampoline? The answer is plain and simple: Life is not fair!

I do, however, agree on his idea of only giving children things for major holidays such as Christmas and birthdays.

He also said, "Material things come about through labor, whereas love is free!" This is a true and wonderful statement. Children should not be rewarded with material pleasures that don't last but a few weeks, but with love that lasts a lifetime.

Mary Phillips, Augusta


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