Originally created 02/26/97

Disparages move to raise Georgia gas tax

The proposed 8 cent tax increase on gas to supply funds for increasing Georgia's road space is not a good idea.

It will definitely be rejected by the public, especially since the tax is already 10 cents a gallon. It is outrageously high; almost double the original.

Why the increase? Well, of course, to increase road space and economic growth - except enhancing the size of the road will not ensure economic growth. There will be more jobs for road workers, but that is about it. People don't move somewhere because there is a four-lane or two-lane road. They move because there is something they want.

Another idiocy of the tax is that at the same time Department of Transportation Director Wayne Shackleford is pushing for a tax increase, the price of tags will drop from $20 to $2. The proposed tax is insensible!

Patrick Molitor, Dearing


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