Backs budget bill, finance reform

Rejects disdain for telemarketing bill

Likes stiffer punishment for Rodman

Mulls solutions to trash problems

Hits Columbia County tax increases

Lauds printing of denigratory letters

Calls for boot for basketball star

Point to `ruined' West View graves

A necessary ruling

Charges Dems rigging vote system

'Not like Serbia'

Scoffs at notion of `poor teachers'

Promotes `Weather Awareness Week'

Woman recovers from knife attack, robbery

A waxing situation

Church can heal world's woes, King's daughter says

Higher telephone bills expected this summer

Local and region news briefs

New Citadel chief takes charge

Aiken OKs annexation suggestions

Senate OKs board to oversee pensions

Proposal concerns university

Local and area news briefs

Number of Augusta employees failing drug tests rises

`Army of God' claims responsibility for clinic, nightclub bombings

Agency's actions irk neighbors

Boy, 3, dead in shooting

Lawmakers claim funding keeps kids in slow-learner classes

Taxpayers' views take back seat at hearings

Fired, then hired, at SRS

Community tries to keep togetherness

Attorneys try to keep patients' names private in medical fraud case

Buzzer bank shot shocks Clemson

Aiken Tech in District 7 playoffs

USC up; Clemson is 12th

College basketball roundup - the weekend's big games

Byrd's breaking fastball a good problem for Braves to have

Gordon `shocked' at Goodwrench win

Smashing shot

USC-Aiken back in action Tuesday

North Augusta in key contest when it plays in Irmo Tuesday

Grissom more than `decent' in '96

Arkansas to make public response to NCAA inquiry

Chandler deal a wise move at this time

Braves notebook - Justice a spectator during batting

Russians dominate U.S. team

Sluman sneaks in after Jones falters

Cleanup of plant brings complaints

Folk stories reflect pulls of our lives

In the toilet

Book reveals treasure of our everyday lives

Iditarod dreams

Ask Carson - sign name and forget redundancy

Music stars lack staying power

Race founder plans to ride for 20th time

Booknotes - sometimes travels go nowhere

Broadcast of `Schinder's List' unlike any other

Happy birthday, `Moon'

Historical mysteries - man left a bloody legacy in Everglades

Iditarod dreams

Off the sidelines, into the sled

Making of a massacre

Can this marriage be saved? - Behavior change key to marriage

Things looking good for Foxy Brown

High-tech teens

Your style

Helpful faculty, cozy dorms, best qualities of Voorhees

Xtreme screen

Xtreme calendar

Taxpayers shouldn't believe all those IRS myths and rumors

Mapping the information superhighway

Agency seeks greater authority

Schools push outsourcing contracts

Universal Black Pages a comprehensive site

Business briefs

Local business briefs

Choices for 401(k) expand

U.S. statistics inaccurate, Clinton told

Lawmakers floats idea of selling dams

Experts to help entrepreneurs

Fannie Mae's CEO maneuvers with ease through trouble spots

Credit union case affects millions

Packard Bell rings in a winner

Smarter, younger car customers increasingly shopping on the Web

Cable TV leads race to faster Internet

Box turns TV into video phone

Industry standard for tiny screens in sight

Clinton asks panel to review implications for humans of sheep cloning

Dilbert's irreverence makes it a business best-seller

CompuServe slashes 14 percent of work force in bid to regain profitability

Air Force launches its newest, strongest rocket

Supreme Court receives brief on CD-ROM discs