Awaits eagerly next `Seniors Prom'

Lambastes paper for letter's timing

Rejects call for `family planning'

Renounces support, post-Wescott

Disdains call for sales-tax increase

South Carolina must fund plan

Spurns Schrenko's `whiny' reaction

Chalks up complaint to Aquinas win

Citadel: A 'pincers move'?

Snipes at columnist Will's views

Gives car advice

Board, Schrenko in sync

Mugged in New York

Judges want more courts in budget

Schrenko, educators pick apart school changes proposal

Georgia House votes to ban some telemarketing

After a year at NAACP, Mfume's leadership draws mixed reviews

Twin births soar 42 percent in U.S. since 1980

Photo - Dawg visits

Area News Briefs

Multicultural program covers many genres

Resolution on state school board stalls

Regulators deny permission for landfill in Jackson County

Bill Kirby - Let's take a look at all the flags

`That Darn Cat' delights locals

Three sentenced to life in car-shop killings

Father acquitted on child abuse charges

License numbers targeted

The B-52's launched on Valentine's

Man to serve life for aunt's murder

Photo - Tough going

Florists flourish on Valentine's

Area News Briefs

Butler slaughters Evans

Woman's pig gets reprieve

Flag advocates try to persuade county party

Trial would ease pain over questions, King family says

Who made the `Darn' cut?

Stores still stocked for forgetful Valentine's

Photo - Taking their community seriously

Cleland supports mandatory cuts

Thurmond bass back in ditches

Mike Berardino - These proposals just might speed things up

Richmond makes subregion finals

SC Notes - Strom Thurmond, Midland Valley vie for No. 4 seed

Braves eager for new spring facility

Hundreds get their kicks today

Hawks can't forget Denmark's last visit

Williams' basket lifts Orangeburg

Griffin has Aquinas ahead of schedule

FSU got stranded once, might again

Prep Notes - After one tough year,Glenn Hills Girls ready for another

Unser gets the best of Dale at last

Evans ousts Lakeside 55-43

Dews' long wait ends today

Booth leads Maryland over Seminoles

Andy Johnston - Memories of '95 showdown remain alive

George, Raiders come to an agreement

ARC coach hints at retirement

Hawks fall short in bid to beat Bulls

Surgery threatens Clemson's Bill Harder's career

Price starts strong in South Africa

Photo - Tough going

NASCAR to raise funds for leukemia

Lady Dogs dominate Vanderbilt

Ga. Notes - Glenn Hills girls team jells at right time

Paine-Fort Valley flap seems to be waning

Sultanov `can't remember a time he didn't know' Tchaikovsky concerto

Nightlife - clubs calendar

Concert watch

`Our Town' universally simple

New video releases include `Trainspotting'

Something is always happening - God is at work

Magic lantern shines on Valentine's

More doctors turning to patients' spirituality

'Jelly Roll!' deftly wraps several sketches together

The power of faith

Review - `That Darn Cat' pretty darn unfunny and obnoxious

`Chronicle' story finds radio caller

'Jelly Roll!' deftly wraps several sketches together

Valentine hearts - sayings change, candy stays the same

Reactor debris may be bound for SRS

Brides to spend $192 million at Civic Center

Business Briefs

Dow industrials break through 7,000 for the first time

Decline in prices reported

Flagstar losses widen under crushing debt load

Business News Briefs

Striking unions offer unconditional return to Detroit newspapers

With Prozac patent clock ticking, Lilly broadens revenue base

Newsprint makers merging

Space station may be delayed because Russia lacks funds

Windows 95 user's lawsuit considered for class action

Help for battered women a button away

The Web can be a gateway to black culture

3 parts of Hubble telescope replaced to help computers talk

Astronauts capture Hubble Space Telescope

Microsoft's Office 97 complex without being complicated

New endings coming for Internet addresses