Crime rises in Aiken schools

Photo - Bathing a winner

Cigarette tax bill may get snuffed out this session

Teachers in Georgia prisons lose jobs

Photo - Making Medieval

Agencies hope for space in inn

Precise security planned for president's visit

Parents say cadet not hazed

Library seeking funding

Chasing dumpers - Garbage woes piling up

Record number of Augustans file for bankruptcy

Photo - And the winner is!

Gaming gets OK by judge

Aiken officer - "I did what I had to do"

Bobby Jones extension faces trouble

Black veterans recall service

Area news briefs

Sitter charged with abuse

Killings by police declining

Court seeks judge

Moviegoers feel the force of `Star Wars'

Clinton to visit - Secret Service already here

Illegal dumping covers county

Objects to garbage pickup proposal 020197 - The Augusta Chronicle

`Nine deaths' for a killer 020297 - The Augusta Chronicle

Tax credit won't buy jobs 020297 - The Augusta Chronicle

S.C. insurance reform need 020197 - The Augusta Chronicle

Sounds off on `teens having babies' 020197 - The Augusta Chronicle

Counters critic of `Jesus Seminar' 020197 - The Augusta Chronicle

Hails `young hero' of house fire 020297 - The Augusta Chronicle

Disdains `liberal' religious inclusion 020197 - The Augusta Chronicle

Explains `error' on fingerprint vote 020297 - The Augusta Chronicle

Denies gas allotted in lieu of raises 020297 - The Augusta Chronicle

Probe the partisan IRS 020197 - The Augusta Chronicle

Views government with cynicism 020297 - The Augusta Chronicle

Overtime - Josey's Grant to be first team All-South

Jones rules his roost

Tigers seeking answers

Majors scouts seek international talent

High scores in high supply at Futurity

Frett fills in fine for Lady Dogs

Favre, Bledsoe go at it again

Duncan rescues Deacons from Terrapins

Paine's Thomas puts zip in Lions

Martin beats self to win; Harrel earns Open title

Kentucky, as usual, tops Dogs

UGA self-imposes NCAA sanctions

USC romps to 10th in a row

Federal appeals court rules against NBA

Coach out on a limb

Kelly says a tearful goodbye

Futurity schedule and stats

Ryan dooms South Aiken

Futurity results

Bulls' Rodman may get arbitration on pay lost

Wife's support keeps Eagle's Greene in the game

Bulldogs showing signs of meshing

Classic Open captured by Moms Stylish Lassie

Curator publishes images of county

Scouts urged to do their own cookie selling

Be polite in request to `stinky'

Curator publishes images of county

One year old

Study finds religion and commercials don't mix

Learning experience

Churches breaking new ground

Goldie surfaces again - giggling

Abraham Lincoln - `I never felt more certain'

Last works explore new ground

Employers can be sued for leaving bad stuff out of references

Builders design dream house that pampers empty nesters

Inflation gauge criticized

Economy grows at fast pace

Business Briefs

Riverfront Gamble - Radisson beats odds

Choices coming for telephone customers

A paperless world? Not!

Software executive pleads guilty, cooperates in securities probe

Mead makers tout their product's ancient qualities

Jobless rate drops sharply in December

$871 million distributed for summer job programs

Egghead Inc. reorganization virtually closes operation

Online services

Casting a skeptical eye on online hoaxes

Three Mile Island's radioactive debris remains a headache

Apple may lay off up to 3,000

Birth size may foretell health

Apple announces broad price cuts, confirms layoffs in restructuring

TV reporter explores the spiritual side of cyberspace

Doctor's bag stays home with telemedicine