Photo - Bathing a winner

Parents say cadet not hazed

Metro and region briefs

Georgia speaker targets telemarketing

Court seeks judge

Clinton to visit Augusta

Record number of Augustans file for bankruptcy

Growers want to stop property taxes for fruit

Photo - Making Medieval

Suit blames county for fatal accident

Sitter charged with abuse

Private trash pickup begins Monday in urban Augusta

Clinton to visit - Secret Service already here

Jury convicts two of interstate drug operation

States sue DOE for waste storage

New design fine, but not lines

Women report three robberies

The special effects - what hath Industrial Light and Magic wrought?

Gaming gets OK by judge

Senate Republicans urge DOE to resume tritium production

Crime rises in Aiken schools

Moviegoers feel the force of `Star Wars'

Teachers in Georgia prisons lose jobs

Agencies hope for space in inn

Nostalgia prompts the `Star Wars' trilogy's re-release

`Star Wars' juggernault began slowly

Review - surrender to the Force

`Star Wars' - there is no escape

`Star Wars' re-release captures new fans

Prices on some `Star Wars' collectibles are out of this world

After 20 years `Star Wars' still as exciting, funny and thrilling

`Star Wars' blasts into theaters again Friday, 20 years after it began

"Star Wars" is back - and better than it's been in a long time

`Star Wars' tinkering was justified, says `Special Edition' producer

George Lucas' influences are of mythic proportions

Probe the partisan IRS 020197 - The Augusta Chronicle

Counters critic of `Jesus Seminar' 020197 - The Augusta Chronicle

Scoffs at `bipartisanship mantra' 013197 - The Augusta Chronicle

Doubts focus on church programs 013197 - The Augusta Chronicle

Disdains `liberal' religious inclusion 020197 - The Augusta Chronicle

North Augusta headache 013197 - The Augusta Chronicle

Sounds off on `teens having babies' 020197 - The Augusta Chronicle

Suggests alternative to cable TV 013197 - The Augusta Chronicle

Objects to garbage pickup proposal 020197 - The Augusta Chronicle

S.C. insurance reform need 020197 - The Augusta Chronicle

Believes attacks on flag are Quixotic 013197 - The Augusta Chronicle

Snackbox wins battle with cattle

Clemson tops Jackets

Futurity schedule and stats

UGA self-imposes NCAA sanctions

Marlenas Starlight wins Futurity Open semifinals

Federal appeals court rules against NBA

Malone and Smith bring Jazz back to beat Hawks

Futurity schedule and stats

Bulldogs showing signs of meshing

Coach out on a limb

Parcells isn't worth top draft choice

Snackbox wins battle with cattle

It's another Michael

Bulls' Rodman may get arbitration on pay lost

Barbecue brings Augusta to Atlanta, legislators

Overtime - Josey's Grant to be first team All-South

Deion set to return to baseball

Paine's Thomas puts zip in Lions

Ryan dooms South Aiken

Kelly says a tearful goodbye

Score adjustment gives Playgun shot at third title

Classic Open captured by Moms Stylish Lassie

Band played ska before members knew what it was

`Tale' divisions are reconciled in production

Barnes & Noble preparing to go online

Curator publishes images of county

The Trilogy strikes back

Scouts urged to do their own cookie selling

Songwriters gather in `Austin'

Abraham Lincoln - `I never felt more certain'

Musical partnership is more than meets the eye ... or ear

Study finds religion and commercials don't mix

Churches breaking new ground

Group has first performance

The Trilogy strikes back

Augusta's unemployment rate dropped in December

Choices coming for telephone customers

Business briefs

Jobless rate drops sharply in December

Inflation gauge criticized

Employers can be sued for leaving bad stuff out of references

Speaker urges businesses leaders to launch $10 million campaign to lure industry

Software executive pleads guilty, cooperates in securities probe

Augusta's unemployment rate dropped in December

Business Briefs

Belks have no plans to sell department store chain

Despite refund promise, AOL customers find it's tough to get back money

Providers of high-tech statistics win appeals court ruling over NBA

Casting a skeptical eye on online hoaxes

TV reporter explores the spiritual side of cyberspace

Apple announces broad price cuts, confirms layoffs in restructuring

FDA approves drug to reduce some diabetics' insulin needs

Intel leaves Pentium Pro chips out of latest price cuts

Hearings scheduled on protecting vital high-tech services

Low hormone levels may encourage weight gain, study finds

Missing kids Web site to help reunite families

Live on the Web - But why would anyone watch?