Originally created 01/30/97

Red menace resurfaces in Strike

There is an uneasy feeling in your gut, one that fills you with distrust and uncertainty. There is peace in the world, yes, you have made sure of it. In the desert, in the jungle and in the cities. You have been there. All is at peace.

But are you forgetting something?

Suddenly you get the call. Of course! How could you have forgotten? That region has been dormant for years! But slowly unrest has developed. Peace is being threatened.

Soviet Strike, a Sony PlayStation entry in Electronic Arts' top-selling series, brings you back to the brink of worldwide disaster. An ex-KGB general is trying to return the Soviet hard-liners to power. Your mission as part of the Strike Team is to neutralize the Red uprising before it succeeds - and the Iron Curtain is raised again.

The fourth of the highly successful Strike series that also includes Desert Strike, Jungle Strike and Urban Strike, Soviet Strike puts the user in the cockpit of a Super Apache helicopter, armed with hellfire and Sidewinder missiles, hydra rockets and a seemingly endless supply of chain-gun artillery. Your mission is to go behind enemy lines and complete each of 40 missions, from recovering a fellow agent from a Soviet prisoner-of-war camp to capturing an enemy commander and even sweeping Russian President Boris Yeltsin out of the Kremlin with the enemy hot on your tail. As with the previous Strike versions, the main object is to stop the war before it begins. Save Russia's fledgling democracy from dissolving into the hands of the evil Red regime.

The game is jam-packed with intense battles, every turn providing another reason to just crash and burn and end the misery. But with each completed mission, a growing desire to continue burns inside you. Soviet Strike is extremely addictive, highly entertaining and unbelievably frustrating.

Intelligence with Soviet Strike is more than just military planning. It forces the user to manage resources such as fuel and armor and to transport and protect recovered hostages while figuring the proper game plan.

Soviet Strike is available on PlayStation for $59.95 and will be available in Sega Saturn format in February.

Maneuvering the chopper across 3-D-rendered terrain resembling a remote location of frozen Eastern Hemisphere tundra is smooth and life-like, from ice-capped mountains to desolate canyons of green. And behind any mountain or along any deserted road can lie a pack of enemy attackers with tanks, transportation vehicles and ground-to-air missiles, each in realistic 3-D design.

Meanwhile, the user is constantly updated through video communications from a network of Strike team members, who brief the user with information. Dubbed a "thinking man's shooter," "Soviet Strike" also touts a strong artificial intelligence that gives the game a living battlefield, with action continuing even when the user moves to a different screen.

And with some practice - and a few presses of the reset button - peace can be restored.


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