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Lists options for teens' `spare time' 013097 - The Augusta Chronicle

In a letter Jan. 19, Daniel Fallaw wrote, "Skateboarding keeps most teen-agers out of trouble. If you take this away, then what will they do to occupy themselves?"

Without taking sides on the skateboarding issue, I suggest the following to teen-agers to occupy their spare time:

- Ask your minister, priest or rabbi about activities for teen-agers in your church or synagogue. I'm sure he can suggest something.

- Join the Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts. Both have great activities for teen-agers.

- Join the drama club, science club, or any of the extracurricular activities offered at your school.

- Play city or county league sports - basketball, soccer, etc.

- Learn to play a musical instrument.

- Volunteer for any of the following: Habitat for Humanity, Special Olympics, Golden Harvest Food Bank, Boys Club, Girls Club, Big Brother or Big Sister. Just check the volunteer section of the newspaper.

- Visit a nursing home or retirement home with a church group.

- Teach someone to read.

- Form a group that does yard work or housework for elderly or disabled people.

- Learn a new skill - photography, cooking, woodworking, etc.

There are plenty of positive things for teen-agers to do. All you have to do is just look around.

Harry A. Thomason, North Augusta


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