Originally created 01/30/97

Pooh-poohs `attack' on `Michael' 013097 - The Augusta Chronicle

I was amused by a recent letter which attacked the angel portrayed in the movie "Michael" as a "glutton or as a lazy, selfish, dirty smoker and drinker, and worst of all, a sex maniac." To me, the movie was a warm, fuzzy, feel-good film which - if it had any message at all - celebrated honesty, joy and a reverence for affection.

In attacking the angel Michael as a "sex maniac," the writer surely jests. Though the angel is convincingly portrayed as a marvelously charismatic guy, the film never portrays him actually engaged in sex. Perhaps he withdrew behind closed doors to lead his admirers in prayer, engage in a chaste hug and assuage their loneliness.

The film's satire, if any, surely attacks not angels or Christianity. Rather, it ridicules sour, grouchy, uncharitable souls who take themselves far too seriously.

Dr. Emil Roy, Aiken

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