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Answers liberal analysis of elections 013097 - The Augusta Chronicle

An answer is due the Jan. 17 letter by Paul L. Cook. I had been wondering when he would come out from under his rock and comment about Election Day 1996.

Yes, Bill Clinton was re-elected (a dark day for America). The draft-dodging coward with the six-inch wide yellow strip up his back was already elected months before Nov. 5.

This was done by the big TV networks. These networks, along with big labor unions, the American Association of Retired Persons, the National Organization of Women and other liberal organizations spent big bucks to get Mr. Clinton back in office and liberal Democrats control of the Congress. The voters, however, sent him and them a message saying, "We are not going to give your tax-and-spend liberal Democrats control of the country." This, Mr. Cook, was done by keeping Congress in the hands of the GOP.

As for Mr. Cook's comments on Sen. Max Cleland, D-Ga.: He is just another Clinton bootlicker as was Rep. Don Johnson, D-Ga., and David Bell - whose big labor unions with the money of their members tried their best to buy the 10th District, but failed.

So, Mr. Cook, this country will once again face four more years of the inconsistency and lies from Mr. Clinton, and put up with the bull from the first witch of the country. ...

Melvin Hicks, Augusta


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