Originally created 01/29/97

Ignore GOP governors 012997 - The Augusta Chronicle

A few Republican governors are pressuring Congress to restore benefits taken away from non-citizen immigrants under the welfare bill signed into law just six months ago.

Congress should ignore their brayings.

Immigrants were never supposed to be eligible for welfare in the first place.

Since the time of our Founding Fathers, it has been public policy that newcomers shall not become "a public charge." In fact, until a couple of decades ago, new arrivals deemed unable to take care of themselves were routinely sent back to their native lands.

Don't these governors realize that the total amount of welfare spending continues to rise even under the new law? Why keep going up?

Governors from states with a growing legal and illegal alien population don't want to "offend" newcomers who are potential voters. That's why Congress needs to be sent a loud message from the majority of taxpaying citizens.

The message is simple: Since the main intent of welfare reform is to encourage work and discourage dependency, the only conceivable way to reward finding a job is to cut the benefit levels.

As the Washington-based Cato Institute concludes, "Under the welfare `reform' bill so savaged by the Left, welfare will still pay more than work for the vast majority of those on the dole."


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