Originally created 01/29/97

Rebuts disdain for parking `trend' 012997 - The Augusta Chronicle

Re the letter by Norma Roscow (Jan. 19), who criticized local merchants for a new "trend" of having reserved parking spaces for pregnant women and new mothers:

While shopping recently I counted the number of these parking spaces available, as well as handicapped spaces, at four business locations. There were a few spaces reserved at each location, but I counted at least 200 non-reserved spaces available as well.

This practice of reserving a few spaces for these women is not "alienating a much larger group of shoppers," as Ms. Roscow said, but I suggest it makes them feel the business is thoughtful by making these spaces available.

If there were no reserved spaces, other shoppers would take these "unreserved" spaces and she would be only one or two spaces closer than with the reserved spots. I suggest the extra 10 steps Ms. Roscow has to make by parking in another space helps keep her and others in better physical condition so she and we will never need one of the handicapped parking spaces.

David Foutch, Martinez


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