Save Washington!

A blow for federalism

Applauds Jones' addition of INSP

Rejects criticism of Confederate flag

Don't sell public lakes

Derides fuss over Super Bowl ads

Chalks up Newt rebuke to `turf' war

Finds library conditions `deplorable'

Counters charge of S.C. Senate `deal'

Protests changes in Jones line-up

Predators rob Augusta

NEA's `peep show'

Offers reassurance on INSP addition

Confederate Flag - Banner of Controversy

Gingrich should repay Kennesaw State, Barnes says

Rice gets lucky in Classic Open

Georgia senate fixes two strikes law

Metro and regional briefs

Authorities look into possible patriot links to Olympic blast

Truancy laws `almost a joke'

Douglas Street resident becomes first homicide of '97

Aiken school board to debate accountability plan

Metro and Region briefs

State grant helped pay consolidation costs

Poker ruling is near

Aiken kindergarten enrollment plan enters second phase

Waters still flowing at Flowing Wells

Interpreters attempt to translate government documents into simple English

Weekend crash prompts tough legislative talk on DUI

Beasley needs party he left to win on flag

Aiken Ex-sheriff's deputy seeks council seat

Fishermen urged to lobby governor about Russell Dam

The bug is back

Car thefts and larcenies rise in Aiken

Spokane bomb suspects investigated in Olympic Park bombing

Rice gets lucky in Classic Open

Floyd wins fourth Skins title in row

Injury reduces value of star

Charlton, `Pete' face final rides

Area pro trainers think they have a shot at Futurity Open

Daughn leading women's charge

Clemson drops from third to seventh

Hawks embark on long road trip

Favre delivers Super Bowl championship for Green Bay

Lions wake up in time to win

Tar Heels trounce Tigers

Super Bowl could use fresh format

Saints to name Ditka

Patriots pass defense flunks its biggest test

Two area football players to sign with regional schools

White finally gets his ring

Packers run wild over Patriots 35 to 21

Records large and small spice Super Bowl

Tigers wonder when the streak will be ended

Futurity Tuesday schedule and Wednesday stats

Thorough studies make drug approval slow

American Music Awards - industry celebrates year's favorite entertainers

Separate sleeping quarters no indicator of lost romance

Diagnosing medical mysteries

Weekend warriors

Seniors' Calander

Unsinkable Debbie

`Star Wars' returns as a force in movie-making

Can this marriage be saved - `My husband is cheating on me'

Cattle drive

Merriwether wants own high school

Report card woes

Action, adventure, science mix in '90s mystery

Father, son bonded on golf course

Your style

Teens' diets vital

Getting in touch

Jared Leto liked working with Danes

Morris Brown has nice atmosphere, teachers

Christmas sales please retailers

New trading rules costing Wall Street dealers millions, saving investors plenty

Titleist decision pending

So far, cold weather beneficial to Georgia peach trees

Businesses willing to apply illegal window tinting

Business briefs

GM workers enter second day of strike

American Express lays of 3,300; none cut in Augusta

Microsoft's visionary excited about Internet

Georgia 'mobilizes' work force

AT&T boss faces reversal of roles

Home sales for 1996 hit 18-year high

South Carolina posts record farm income last year

Fate of 1997's South Carolina peach crop still uncertain

Doctors attempt to cure AIDS infection in newborn twins

NASA investigating possible Challenger piece

Monitoring the airwaves

DNA gets its decade in court

Problems at America Online are bad news for businesses

No longer just gates and runways, airports compete for profits

AOL may be on verge of restoring image

State panel suspends human trials of purported AIDS drug

Gates' giveaway pays off with a convert - praising MSN

Oconee Nuclear Station plans restart Sunday

New York attorney general threatens to sue AOL

Learning the tricks of everyday life

Surge in game's sales no Myst-ery

TVGenie performs magically