Suggests compromise on skateboards

Seeks truce on millennial snobbery

Pins SRS job cuts on `liar' Clinton

Silly suit flushed away

Make him pay!

Points to gloomy economic picture

Contrasts Jones Intercable offerings

Backs fears of emissions crackdown

Opposes 1-cent sales tax increase

History & respect

Pleads for local Christian station

Vietnam vets see similarities between Agent Orange and Gulf War Syndrome

Students respond to uniforms

Metro and region briefs

Novelist, poet Dickey dies

Sales tax will help Columbia Count recreation

Pink slips handed out at SRS

Inauguration address to hit future themes

Council will try to name new fire chief

Clinton Sworn In for 2nd Term

Woman wants Christian TV station

Aiken Children's shelter to get advice

Clinton opens second term urging end to Washington bickering

Metro and region briefs

Aiken proposes traffic circle

Sconyers says `honeymoon is over'

Workshop teaches dreams and dances for MLK Day

Hingis ignores Australian heat

Bill would allow secret negotiations

This one wasn't easy for Lady Dogs to handle

Palmer home after cancer surgery

Reeves gets shot at Falcons

Cook takes Hope honors

Palmer doing well, but not up to visitation

Packers practice outdoors for first time since Halloween

Hawks hike home streak to 10

Top-rated Kansas defeats UConn

Rams lure Vermeil back as coach

Parcells overshadows players

Parcells lowers boom on two tardy Patriots

Oscar De La Hoya beats Gonzalez, retains title

Graf's record `Slam' run ended by Coetzer

Demons suffer rare home loss

Hingis ignores Australian heat

Mutombo, Mookie right Hawks combo

Clemson climbing higher

Hawks' play as a team is difference

Eau Claire brings heavyweight to test Strom Thurmond tonight

Boston newspaper reports Parcells will leave Patriots after Sunday's Super Bowl

Report about future makes Parcells testy

Favre's home town becomes new shrine of Packers fans

Hornets' Page to become Clemson Tiger

NFL coaches overpricing themselves

No. 1 Huskies rout Georgia

Senior Calendar - events and activities

Schools celebrate Dr. King's birthday

Rare Lincoln letter to Confederate official shows president's humanity and humor

Ask Us - Science center to open soon

Big-name, big-buck splits are nasty and costly

Tennessee town struggles to move beyond just `birthplace of the KKK'

`English Patient,' `Evita,' Madonna, Tom Cruise and `X-Files' big Golden Globe winners

Talkin' Trash

Barbershop, attorney's office - Klan's birth site remains

Service projects and protests mark civil rights leader's holiday in Atlanta

Steer wrestler

Can this marriage be saved? - Emotional brakes key to marriage

Mobility loss doesn't have to be taken sitting down

Strong again

Bjork's `Post' remix doesn't fit the mold

Harvard University steeped in history, prestige

Afflicted teens likely to recover from cancer

Your style - comfortable winter wear

An Xtreme calendar - activities and events

Beginning Monday, a trading revolution on the Nasdaq

Retirement account funds - there's no easy way out

Some companies pass up Super Bowl ad exposure

B&W to give money, land to help tobacco plant community

Georgia man has hot winter item

Bowery operator honored as Aiken's Businessperson of the Year

Business briefs

Inaugural means lobbyist-paid nonstop parties for politicians

Two weeks after Nunn departs, defense contractor closes his Hometown plant

Video card can boosts graphics

Laptops are getting tougher

`Until we meet again'

The Web is celebrating President Clinton's second inauguration

Musicians use Internet to reach their audiences

Top 10 on how Apple can survive

Alabama prisoners using Internet to solicit funds and appeal for sympathy